Mind-bending visuals,
electronic soundcapes & machine gun poetry

Suitable for festivals, galleries, cinemas, nightclubs and small theatres - available for touring 2019/2020 - get in touch


Rated X is the duo collaboration of lithuanian video and sound artist Tomas Jefanovas and canadian performer, writer and musician Christopher Brett Bailey.

Tomas Jefanovas pulls futuristic visuals out of retrograde video technologies to sculpt a psychedelic vision of space and time. Christopher Brett Bailey rages and croons. He is an end of days prophet, a lunatic out on a day pass, a jazz poet crash landed from a distant planet. Together they create something chaotic and cosmic. A meditation on holes, voids and mirrors. A ritual of high intensity. A sensory overload. A ketamine noir.

Part video art installation, part noise gig, part theatre.

Genre: audio-visual, installation, music, theatre
Style: drone, noise, jazz, 80s NY no-wave, punk, spoken word
Atmospheres: hypnotic, celestial, foreboding, mechanical, ery, nocturnal, sensual, sleazy


Highlights from The Yard Theatre

Yard Theatre show trailer

Rio Cinema show trailer



Tomas Jefanovas videos, projections & screens, video synthesisers, audio synthesisers, drones, effects boxes and incenseChristopher Brett Bailey voice, words, illuminati jazz lizard, saxophone, dance moves, electric guitar loops, effects boxes and sound fx. Anne Rieger dramaturg & creative producer. Beckie Darlington producer. Rachel Porter makeup artist.

Originally co-commissioned by The Yard Theatre
Supported by Arts Council England
Thanks to LimeWharf, VFD, Theatre Delicatessen, Stamou Instruments

Video documentation Ben O’Connor. Sound recording Jake Sanders.
Photos by Christa Holka and Maurizio Martorana

Tech & Touring

Running Time: 50 mins approx.
Audience: Ages 16+
Company on the road: 2-4


Venue to provide: full blackout, ideally with any fire exit signs on a dead mans switch, or similar.
4 x fresnel 1kw with barn doors (gel: lee 106), 1 x profile zoom 1530

Venue to provide: PA system with on stage monitoring, vocal mic and boom stand,
1x Fender Twin guitar amp or similar, 1x Ampeg SVT bass head with 8x10 cabinet or similar
Company provides: 8 channel mixer, instruments, fx boxes

Venue to provide: projector with video composite input, largest wall or screen backdrop possible for the space (the larger the more impactful!)
Company provides: CRT monitor screens (UK only)


Venue to provide: tables for equipment


High-res press photos
Tech spec sheet